Sleep and TMJ Blog

Sleep Apnea Associated with Skull Thinning

The more we know about sleep apnea, the more we understand about the dramatic impact it can have on virtually the entire body. Now a new study shows that sleep apnea is linked to a thinner skull, which could explain the prevalence of cerebrospinal fluid leakage among people with sleep apnea. Imaging [...]

Getting Your Sleep Apnea Diagnosed Could Save Your Job

The consequences of sleep apnea can be deadly. But it’s a funny thing about deadly threats like heart attack and stroke--they might seem so far away and unreal that they can be ignored. We are often more worried about the daily concerns of life, including taking care of our family and keeping [...]

Fixing Jaw Problem Gave Jessica Korda the Winning Edge in LPGA

What is it that makes the difference in a winning golf game? Is it the long drives that put you on the green a stroke earlier? Or is it the putts that put you in the hole more accurately? For 8-season veteran of the LPGA Jessica Korda, it was the putts that seemed to make [...]

Do You Snore on the Plane? It’s Easy to Sleep Silent When You Fly

If you look back at what flying was like in the past, it seems like an excess of luxury. There is so much room, so many amenities, and everyone seems to be so happy. Today, flying is a lot more of a nuisance. Not only are you more crowded in, you get fewer perks when [...]

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