Sleep and TMJ Blog

Why Haven’t We Discovered a Cure for TMJ?

It’s a story many TMJ sufferers know all too well: seeing multiple doctors, dentists, and even specialists in a quest for treatment. Despite all the different treatments they may try, they don’t get the results they’re looking for. Reading a story like that can make you wonder why it’s so hard to [...]

Sleep Apnea Treatment Leads to Better Sex Life, Especially for Women

Sleep apnea affects all systems of the body. It has profound impacts on us psychologically and physiologically, diminishing the quality of our lives. One aspect of quality of life that suffers is our sex lives. Sleep apnea can reduce sexual desire, and it can contribute to sexual dysfunction. In the past, studies [...]

Silent TMJ: You Can Have the Dysfunction without the Sound

Many people think that temporomandibular joint dysfunctions (TMJ or TMD) can be identified by a popping or clicking jaw joint. Although popping or clicking joints are common in TMJ, this is not the only symptom of the condition. If you have multiple TMJ symptoms, don’t rule TMJ out just because a popping or clicking jaw [...]

Lyme Disease vs. TMJ: What Are the Symptoms?

Lyme disease used to be rare in Michigan. It was so rare, in fact, that people with the symptoms of the disease were told that “We don’t have Lyme disease here.” But that’s in the past. A study published last year showed that cases of Lyme disease in the state have increased fivefold in recent [...]

Sleep Apnea Associated with Skull Thinning

The more we know about sleep apnea, the more we understand about the dramatic impact it can have on virtually the entire body. Now a new study shows that sleep apnea is linked to a thinner skull, which could explain the prevalence of cerebrospinal fluid leakage among people with sleep apnea. Imaging [...]

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