At the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness, Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad is committed not only to providing his patients with the best possible care but also to being a renowned educator in the field. He imparts his knowledge of innovative techniques to other dental professionals across the country, utilizing advanced technology to treat temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ or TMD) and sleep apnea. With nearly 2000 hours of advanced continuing education since his dental school graduation, Dr. Haddad’s expertise is unmatched. He is dedicated to listening to your concerns and understanding your symptoms, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your wellness. Rest assured, your symptoms are taken seriously, reflecting his deep understanding of the complexities of TMJ and sleep disorders.

He is dedicated to using the best tools available to provide the best care. Here are some of the technologies that help Dr. Haddad provide relief for your TMJ and sleep apnea.

Summus Medical Platinum Laser

The Summus Medical Platinum Laser is a powerful tool for encouraging your body to heal itself. This TMJ treatment is completely noninvasive, has minimal side effects risk, and is highly effective. 

If you’ve ever used a heating pad, warming lotion, or even a hot bath to relieve sore muscles, you know that heat can make a big difference in your pain. But you’ve probably also noticed the limitations. It might not penetrate deep into your tissue, and the results might not be as effective or long-lasting as you’d like. The Summus Medical Platinum laser overcomes these limitations by using a specific wavelength of light energy that your body can absorb to speed healing. It can target the precise source of the problem, whether that’s your muscles, tendons, discs, or other tissues. The result is reduced discomfort and accelerated healing. It’s a great approach for improving TMJ symptoms without drugs.

Myotronics K-7

The Myotronics K-7 is a powerful suite of tools that helps us give you a precise, scientific diagnosis of your TMJ, which is part of what sets Dr. Haddad’s TMJ PRECISION APPROACH apart. The K-7 includes a 3D jaw tracker, sonography, and electromyography. 

The 3D jaw tracker lets us evaluate the motion of your jaw as you perform normal tasks, such as speaking, yawning, and chewing. It enables us to detect irregularities in your jaw motion that could indicate dysfunction. If you have a jaw that sometimes catches, for example, this will show us what is happening at that moment. This helps us identify the precise source of your jaw dysfunction so that we can more effectively treat it. 

The sonography device lets us listen to your jaw joint sounds in great detail. This can help us distinguish between different types of jaw problems, such as disc displacement and disc degeneration. We can tell if your bones are grinding when you move your jaw or if other tissues are injured. 

Finally, the electromyography device precisely measures muscle tension and activity to show which jaw muscles are affected by your TMJ. Most TMJ symptoms arise from muscle problems, so this data is essential to identifying the source of your pain. In addition, tracking muscle tension lets us determine the position of maximum rest, which is critical to resolving your symptoms.

Dental TENS

Dental TENS, or Ultra Low Frequency (ULF) Dental TENS, stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, a method approved by the FDA for managing temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD). This specialized treatment distinguishes itself from conventional TENS units by its precise application tailored for dental-related issues.

Electrodes, strategically placed on the skin, activate the jaw muscles in a meticulously sequenced manner, promoting relaxation and function restoration. This process is akin to the muscles undergoing a therapeutic stretch or self-massage, directly addressing the jaw’s habitual stress and dysfunction. Dental TENS serves not only as a diagnostic tool to uncover the root causes of TMD but also as a therapeutic approach to alleviate symptoms.

Incorporating Dental TENS into TMJ management is crucial for accurately diagnosing and alleviating the condition. By easing muscle tension, Dental TENS unveils the jaw’s optimal functioning state, paving the way for designing effective, individualized treatment plans. Its ability to provide immediate symptom relief and, in some cases, long-term improvement makes it a cornerstone of our comprehensive TMJ care approach.

ProSomnus Oral Appliances

ProSomnus oral appliances treat sleep apnea. They give us an effective, comfortable, and convenient CPAP alternative. This slim oral appliance is easy to use. Just put it in before bedtime to breathe easily, sleep quietly, and rest deeply. 

The custom oral appliance is made of special MG6 plastic, making it strong and flexible. With its custom fit, it’s comfortable and highly effective.

Ask about Our Advanced Technology

These are just a few of the advanced technologies we use at the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness. If you want to learn more about the tools we use to improve your experience and your results, or if you’re ready to start treatment for TMJ or sleep apnea, please call (248) 480-0085 or use our online form today to request an appointment at our office in Rochester Hills, serving the Detroit area.