We have a great success rate in treating TMJ patients once it is determined that you are a candidate for our treatment.  Our number one goal is to minimize your pain and get you back to living the quality life you deserve. Because of our precise technology we can predictably identify your jaws most comfortable physiological resting position. Which is another reason why we offer our 60-day money back guarantee if you have ZERO relief in your symptoms (As long as patients follow all the Doctors recommendations.) Dr. Haddad has been successfully treating TMJ patients for almost 20 years, he knows who he can help and will not go down this path if he feels its not the right treatment plan for you. Please visit our website to see more patient testimonials on how we have been providing life changing services to patients just like you.

We offer a great program through Care Credit financing that gives patients an 18-month zero interest rate to pay monthly installments. We also accept credit card, Health Savings Account Cards, check or cash and have discounts for paying in full in advance.

Most patients are in therapy for an average of 2-6 months, depending on how their body responds to the treatment.  After wearing the 24/7 orthotic, once your symptoms have stabilized, the goal is to slowly wean yourself off wearing it 24/7, then eventually just wearing it at nighttime or a sleep appliance if you have a diagnosed sleep breathing disorder.  Some patients are wearing it at night for up to 15+ years, however if someone is wanting to permanently change their bite to this proven stable position, there are other options once we complete therapy.
When it comes to insurance companies, all providers and insurance groups are different. Some claim to have a TMJ benefit built in, but when it comes down to it, they only cover a basic bite guard from your dentist. We work hard for our patients to help put medical necessity letters, Itemized billing codes and receipts together so you can submit a claim for reimbursement. There is no average or guarantee on any reimbursement.  We do offer a great financing option through Care Credit for patients looking for monthly payments to help with their coverage.
The entire therapy treatment includes the CBCT Xray and radiology report, TMJ Neuromuscular Orthotic, Laser therapy, TENS Sessions, up to four adjustments on the orthotic, a TMJ Night-time (LUTED Orthotic) if necessary and a complimentary 2-hour final consultation at the end of treatment.
Here is some GREAT news, insurances do help cover Oral Sleep Appliances for diagnosed Sleep Apnea patients! If we suspect you may have an underlying sleep breathing disorder, a sleep study will be ordered by our doctor. Statistics show that 80% of all TMJ patients due have an underlying sleep breathing disorder. Depending on your insurance, you may have a co-pay or out of pocket cost for the sleep study itself. Our billing department will advise you of all upfront costs prior to beginning treatment for the Oral Sleep Appliance. The Sleep Appliance is a highly effective alternative to traditional CPAP, used to treat Sleep Apnea and Upper Airway Resistance syndrome.

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