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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Matters More When You’re Breathing for Two

Many women who are otherwise healthy sleepers will develop snoring during pregnancy and potentially even sleep apnea. Research confirms that these breathing problems during sleep aren’t just potentially harmful to the mother--they can cause oxygen deprivation for the baby as well. Detroit sleep dentist Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad at the [...]

Sleep Apnea and Cancer Risk

Sleep apnea can have many serious health consequences. Many of these are well-established, such as an increased risk of heart disease. However, the link between sleep apnea and cancer remains less well-proven. However, new research confirms that sleep apnea can increase cancer risk for women. Some research even suggests a causal link between the [...]

Does Sleep Apnea Treatment Help with Diabetes?

Sleep apnea has a devastating effect on the body. It impacts numerous aspects of your health, including your brain, metabolism, and cardiovascular system. Type II diabetes, for example, is common in people with sleep apnea, and it can have a terrible impact on your health. One of the big questions about [...]

Oral Appliance Options for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep apnea is a disorder that causes you to stop breathing for periods of time while asleep, and it affects much more than your nightly sleep cycle. It can have a huge effect on your waking hours as well.  Although your brain protects you by causing you to wake up to resume [...]

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