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Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Give Immediate Benefits

We spend a lot of time discussing the long-term health consequences of sleep apnea. These consequences are serious, and we need to pay attention to them. But we also understand that for many people, things like heart attack, stroke, and cancer seem very far-off (though, with sleep apnea, they may not be as far [...]

Problems With CPAP You Won’t Have With An Oral Appliance

CPAP is a great treatment for sleep apnea. When people use their CPAP machines, they can be confident that they will get essentially full relief from their sleep apnea symptoms. However, that’s exactly the problem. People often don’t use their CPAP Machines. Even though the machine may be life-saving, it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient, and [...]

How to Know If You Have Sleep Apnea When You Live Alone

Many people in Detroit know that snoring is associated with sleep apnea. This makes people think that snoring is the main warning sign of sleep apnea that they should watch out for. This leads them to wonder how they can know if they have sleep apnea when they [...]

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