Sleep Apnea

Higher Risk of Vision Loss Linked to Sleep Apnea in New Study

Sleep apnea impacts all the systems in our body. This includes our eyes. In fact, sleep apnea can have a dramatic impact on our eyes, leading to sudden vision loss in one or both eyes. That’s because sleep apnea has been linked to an elevated risk of nonarteritic anterior [...]

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Risk Might Be Greater for Women

We tend to think of snoring and sleep apnea as men’s problems. It’s the stereotype that the man snores, disturbing his wife. However, this stereotype could be badly misleading, so badly that it puts women’s lives at risk. A new study shows that heart-related risks of sleep apnea might [...]

New Strategy Increases Screening for Sleep Apnea among Epilepsy Patients

Sleep apnea can have a dramatic impact on your health. It affects your entire body: heart, lungs, brain, and more. This means that it’s closely linked to many serious health conditions. This has an upside: if we treat sleep apnea, many of these conditions can improve. But it also has a downside: [...]