At the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness, we know we make a big difference in people’s lives. Our patients tell us all the time at our office in Rochester Hills: “you’ve changed my life.” They travel from across the Detroit area and beyond to get treatment at our unique facility.

However, it’s still rewarding when we receive recognition from outside the normal places, such as when Insights Care magazine put sleep dentist, Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad, on the cover of its May 2022 edition. The feature article was about the “10 Best Sleep Disorder Care Solution Providers” in the US, and they chose Dr. Haddad in part because of his inspirational rise as a provider, his unique approach to sleep apnea treatment, and his outstanding outreach to patients in need in Detroit and around the country.

Origins in Partnership

One of the remarkable and inspirational aspects of the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness is its emphasis on a team approach to the care and treatment of TMJ and sleep apnea. Patients benefit under an interdisciplinary team care approach. This helps patients get effective treatment for all aspects of these multifactorial conditions.

Although Dr. Haddad had been treating sleep apnea since 2004 (and TMJ for even longer), he might never have founded the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness were it not for the request for help by Unasource Healthcare in Troy, MI. This large medical group asked Dr. Haddad personally when they needed someone to help treat sleep apnea patients who couldn’t tolerate CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure). Since half to two-thirds of people prescribed CPAP can’t stick to it, these people essentially have untreated sleep apnea. With the dangers of untreated sleep apnea, this was unacceptable.

So Dr. Haddad started out treating Unasource patients two Fridays a month. Within three months, he was treating patients every Friday, and in three months after that, he treated Unasource patients every Monday and Friday.

This reaffirmed for Dr. Haddad just how great the need was for CPAP alternatives for people in the Detroit area.

Treating Sleep Apnea and TMJ Together

One of the things that make the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness unique is that it’s the only practice in Michigan that utilizes neuromuscular techniques and technology in fitting oral appliances for sleep apnea treatment.

When Dr. Haddad fits an oral appliance for one of our Detroit area patients, he utilizes the computerized jaw tracking and muscle diagnostic technology used to diagnose TMJ and design treatment. This helps ensure that their sleep apnea treatment won’t cause or worsen TMJ symptoms.

In addition, it’s possible for many people with TMJ symptoms like headaches, jaw pain, or ear symptoms to see relief from these symptoms, thanks in part to a properly fitted oral appliance for sleep apnea.

Dr. Haddad believes this combined approach is critical to the future of sleep apnea treatment. That’s because 52% of people with sleep-disordered breathing have TMJ symptoms, and a whopping 75% of TMJ patients have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea patients often take high doses of pain medication regularly because their doctor doesn’t recognize their TMJ symptoms.

Achieving a joint sleep apnea-TMJ treatment approach will help many people get more comprehensive relief.

Reaching Out to Improve Awareness

Just as important as Dr. Haddad’s revolutionary approach to care is his ongoing outreach to help patients in Detroit understand the risks of sleep apnea, get a positive diagnosis, and find effective treatment.

Dr. Haddad still employs a team approach to sleep apnea treatment, helping doctors get effective sleep apnea treatment for their patients. The thousands of patients he has successfully treated serve as ambassadors, spreading the word about the condition and the varied treatment options people have.

In addition, Dr. Haddad helps make it easy for patients to get tested for sleep apnea. With a basic phone interview and a copy of the driver’s license and insurance card, we can send the patient a home sleep test. After two nights of testing in the comfort of their own bed, patients can receive a positive diagnosis of sleep apnea, which directs them to get treatment.

By removing the barrier of an in-office sleep test or finding a sleep doctor to prescribe a test, the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness helps more people in Detroit get potentially life-saving sleep apnea treatment.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Detroit

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or suspect you have the condition, know that in Detroit, you have access to one of the nation’s leading providers of sleep apnea treatment: Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad at the Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness.

Want to order a sleep test or schedule an appointment at our office in Rochester Hills, near the Sanctuary Hills Golf Course? Please call (248) 480-0085 or use our online contact form today.