In order to make this request as easy as possible for our patients please contact us at (248) 480-0085 to begin the sleep test process.

Our office will gather some basic info from you, then they will send you an email link to complete a new patient form online. Once that is received, we will request you to send us a copy of your Driver’s license and insurance card. If you prefer to not use email communications, we can set up an in-office appointment (at no charge) to complete the new patient forms and collect copies of your insurance and Driver’s license.

Once all of that information is received, our sleep partners will contact you via email to activate your patient portal and to also schedule a teleconference with the Sleep Doctor (10-15 min call) then they go over your insurance coverage with you for the sleep study. If you are in agreement, they will ship the device to you to wear for two nights. It comes with instructions, is super easy to use, so simple we recently had a 10-year-old complete one! A return shipping label is provided to send the device back.

Once you send the device back, it is read by the Sleep Physician and we will have a formal diagnosis from there. We will call you to come in and go over those results and discuss treatment with our oral sleep appliance if necessary or what the findings of the study were. If you did have a formal diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, we will also have completed a benefit check, to determine your insurance coverage for the oral sleep appliance.

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At-home sleep studies are highly preferred over going to a sleep center. Patients report they sleep better and more comfortably in their own beds, which allows for more accurate results because the patient is feeling more in control of their environment.

Contact us today to get this process started!