Getting Your Home Sleep Test in Detroit is Easy

There are three easy steps to getting a sleep apnea diagnosis.

  1. Gathering Basic Information: Our office will gather some basic info from you and send you an email link to complete a new patient form online. Once that is received, we will request you to send us a copy of your Driver’s license and insurance card. If you prefer not to use email communications, we can set up an in-office appointment (at no charge) to complete the new patient forms and collect copies of your insurance and Driver’s license.
  2.  Test Your Sleep: Once all of that information is received, our sleep partners,, will contact you via email to activate your patient portal and schedule a teleconference with the sleep doctor. This is a short call that lasts only 10-15 minutes. During this call, you’ll discuss your symptoms and insurance coverage. If you agree, will ship the device to you to wear for two nights. It comes with instructions and is easy to use. It’s so simple that we’ve had 10-year-olds complete them! A return shipping label is provided to send the device back.
  3. Receive Effective Treatment: Once you send the device back, the sleep physician analyzes your results and provides a formal diagnosis. Next, we will call you to come in, review your results, and discuss treatment with our oral sleep appliance. If you have a formal diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea, we will complete a benefit check to determine your insurance coverage for the oral sleep appliance.

beautiful young woman getting rest in bed after having a home sleep apnea test

Why Choose A Home Sleep Study In Detroit

Home sleep testing is an effective and easy way to test sleep apnea. You’ll perform the test in the comfort of your own bed. Since you’ll be in your own sleeping environment without the worry of someone watching over you, you’ll sleep more comfortably with the same sleep habits as usual. Home sleep studies are also more cost-effective than a lab sleep test because you aren’t using their facility or sleep tech. The two-night test allows your sleep doctor to get the most accurate picture of your sleep without worrying about an anomaly.

Most people in Detroit choose home sleep testing because of these benefits.

How Does the Sleep Apnea Testing Device Test Your Sleep?

The Detroit home sleep testing device tracks five different aspects of your sleep. It keeps track of this data throughout the night, so your sleep doctor can assess your need for sleep apnea treatment.

  1. Blood oxygen saturation
  2. Breathing patterns
  3. Breathing depth
  4. Heart rhythm
  5. Snoring

It tracks these aspects through different components on the monitoring device. Don’t worry; you won’t wear a separate monitor for each. You’ll wear a pulse oximeter over your finger, short nasal tubes that go into the front part of your nostrils, and a chest strap, all connecting to a small sleep monitoring device.

Get Your Home Sleep Study in Detroit Today

If you think you might have sleep apnea, don’t wait to get tested because you’ve heard it’s a hassle. Home sleep testing doesn’t disrupt any part of your day or sleep. Do it any two consecutive nights of the week, and within a few days, you’ll know whether or not you have sleep apnea. Then, we’ll provide you with oral appliance therapy, a non-invasive CPAP alternative.

Contact us today to get this process started!