Is TMJ a “Minor Injury”?

A new report shows that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is going to be reclassifying TMJ, whiplash, and some concussions as “minor” injuries. This doesn’t really affect us here in Michigan, where insurance coverage for these types of injuries is already spotty to nonexistent. However, it does raise the question about [...]

Social Media Helps Reduce Depression Linked to Chronic Pain for Older Adults

Dealing with chronic pain like TMJ poses many challenges for the physical and mental health of sufferers. One of the big challenges for older Americans with chronic pain is depression. Chronic pain is a daily drag on their mood, and it can keep them from engaging in activities that can relieve depression, [...]

Bone Imaging Might Not Be Useful for TMJ Diagnosis

Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ or TMD) are not just a single condition, it’s a blanket label that describes many different related conditions. The symptoms of the condition can vary widely among people, as can the way it affects their bodies. Now a new study shows that the diversity of the condition might [...]

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Could Migraine Classification Help You Find Better Treatment?

Migraines remain one of the most hard-to-treat medical mysteries today. Many people with migraines try numerous treatments before they find one they stay with, and even then most people aren’t happy with their migraine treatment. Our inability to treat migraines is due, in part, to our inability to understand migraines. And it’s [...]