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Choose Halloween Candy Wisely to Avoid TMJ Headaches

With Halloween right around the corner, stores are jam-packed with everyone’s favorite treats. Before you start stocking up on candy for the biggest candy holiday of the year, it might be helpful to learn which types of candy you should avoid if you have TMJ. Not only will certain candies cause TMJ pain to [...]

How Jaw Muscle Types Can Contribute to TMJ Symptoms

TMJ is associated with many symptoms, but the most common are jaw pain and tension headaches caused by overworked and spasming jaw muscles. But not everyone is equally susceptible to these symptoms. We have different types of muscles in our jaws, and these muscles work and fatigue differently. Understanding these different types of muscles [...]

Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Triggering Your TMJ Pain?

In the face of the widespread illness and economic fallout related to the novel coronavirus pandemic, people often feel they need to put aside other concerns. However, it’s still important to try to take care of yourself if you can. This includes treating your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain. Unfortunately, we know that for many [...]

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