Nevin J. Groce

Dr. Haddad and his amazing team changed my life! I unknowingly was suffering from sleep apnea. It first presented as heavy snoring and fatigue. Eventually I started experiencing restless sleep and my family grew concerned when I stopped breathing for periods during my sleep. I am in reasonable health, I workout regularly and have a good diet. The thought of needing a CPAP at the age of 40 was not something I wanted to do. I was encouraged to see Dr Haddad at his office. Going in I knew nothing about TMJ and didn’t believe I had a “sleep disorder “. After a consultation meeting it was clear that I needed to do something and I was experiencing the symptoms of a frequently diagnosed sleep disorder. Dr Haddad prescribed a sleep appliance to wear during sleep. Although this small device was light and easy to wear, the price wasn’t cheap. However, the way it changed my life overnight I would pay the price 10 times over. Thank you Dr Haddad! You are a game changer! My family, friends and employees get the best version of me because of your help.

Tony Helinski

I have a history of sleep apnea. I have tried c-pap without success. About 10 years ago, I went to a dentist, in Ann Arbor, who specialized in oral appliances for sleep apnea. This oral appliance was working fine until a year ago when I felt it was not working anymore. So my doctor ordered a sleep study for me, with the oral appliance, to check this. Sure enough, I had mild sleep apnea with the appliance in place. My doctor could not give me a recommendation for a new dentist that could help me. So I went online and found a truly marvelous dentist. I found the MICHIGAN CENTER FOR TMJ AND SLEEP WELLNESS in Rochester Hills, Michigan. When I first walked in I noticed that the environment was warm and friendly. When I checked in I had to fill out some paper work but the person at the front desk was very helpful. She explained the initial steps in the process of obtaining a new oral appliance. I was escorted back to a exam room where I met a technician who would be taking care of me and doing the measurements , that they needed, to manufacture a new oral appliance. We spent 2 hours taking the required data needed. The technician ( I am sorry for forgetting your name) explained everything step by step and she went over the results with me. She was very personable and professional. I can back about 2 weeks later for the fitting of my new oral appliance. At this time I met Dr. Haddad, who heads up the clinic and he was an awesome Dentist. He helped me to fit the appliance to my mouth. It fit like a glove!!!!! Dr. Haddad made a few adjustments to the appliance and he said he wore a similar appliace. Wearing the appliance after I received it was a piece of cake. I never experienced any pain or discomfort while wearing it. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Haddad and his staff for any sleep apnea or TMG issues. They are outstanding and friendly. THANK YOU DR. HADDAD!!!!!

Tom Berta

I love my mouth guard, I wear it every night. I sleep better because I don’t snore like I used to. I would definitely recommend a mouth guard to anyone who snores.

Melissa Vest

What an amazing experience. Everybody is so nice and calming. I can’t wait to see what Dr Haddad can do to relieve my TMJ issues and sleep better!