Michelle Acciavatti

I have been working with Dr. Haddad for over ten years. I received one of the first sleep appliances and it had a tremendous impact – I was definitely getting better sleep, my husband wasn’t bothered by my snoring and I felt great during the day. In the last year, I received the latest version of the sleep appliance and it is amazing! It is even more comfortable than the original one and works even better! Dr. Haddad’s office made the process easy working with my insurance and appointments! It’s a life changer!

Nevin J. Groce

Dr. Haddad and his amazing team changed my life! I unknowingly was suffering from sleep apnea. It first presented as heavy snoring and fatigue. Eventually I started experiencing restless sleep and my family grew concerned when I stopped breathing for periods during my sleep. I am in reasonable health, I workout regularly and have a good diet. The thought of needing a CPAP at the age of 40 was not something I wanted to do. I was encouraged to see Dr Haddad at his office. Going in I knew nothing about TMJ and didn’t believe I had a “sleep disorder “. After a consultation meeting it was clear that I needed to do something and I was experiencing the symptoms of a frequently diagnosed sleep disorder. Dr Haddad prescribed a sleep appliance to wear during sleep. Although this small device was light and easy to wear, the price wasn’t cheap. However, the way it changed my life overnight I would pay the price 10 times over. Thank you Dr Haddad! You are a game changer! My family, friends and employees get the best version of me because of your help.

Tony Helinski

I have a history of sleep apnea. I have tried c-pap without success. About 10 years ago, I went to a dentist, in Ann Arbor, who specialized in oral appliances for sleep apnea. This oral appliance was working fine until a year ago when I felt it was not working anymore. So my doctor ordered a sleep study for me, with the oral appliance, to check this. Sure enough, I had mild sleep apnea with the appliance in place. My doctor could not give me a recommendation for a new dentist that could help me. So I went online and found a truly marvelous dentist. I found the MICHIGAN CENTER FOR TMJ AND SLEEP WELLNESS in Rochester Hills, Michigan. When I first walked in I noticed that the environment was warm and friendly. When I checked in I had to fill out some paper work but the person at the front desk was very helpful. She explained the initial steps in the process of obtaining a new oral appliance. I was escorted back to a exam room where I met a technician who would be taking care of me and doing the measurements , that they needed, to manufacture a new oral appliance. We spent 2 hours taking the required data needed. The technician ( I am sorry for forgetting your name) explained everything step by step and she went over the results with me. She was very personable and professional. I can back about 2 weeks later for the fitting of my new oral appliance. At this time I met Dr. Haddad, who heads up the clinic and he was an awesome Dentist. He helped me to fit the appliance to my mouth. It fit like a glove!!!!! Dr. Haddad made a few adjustments to the appliance and he said he wore a similar appliace. Wearing the appliance after I received it was a piece of cake. I never experienced any pain or discomfort while wearing it. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Haddad and his staff for any sleep apnea or TMG issues. They are outstanding and friendly. THANK YOU DR. HADDAD!!!!!

Tom Berta

I love my mouth guard, I wear it every night. I sleep better because I don’t snore like I used to. I would definitely recommend a mouth guard to anyone who snores.