Gene Sullivan

My appliance has vastly improved my sleep, reduced snoring, and improved alignment to eliminate jaw pain and popping. Highly recommended.

Anthony Costa

My sleep quality is now restored thanks to Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness. It was an easy process, everyone was extremely professional and helpful. My appliance was comfortable and my snoring stopped immediately. I feel refreshed and completely awake for the whole day, better yet my TMJ pain subsided in about 30 days. Very thankful for Dr. Haddad and staff!!!

Dale Haddad

I honestly thought that my poor sleep and lack of energy during the day was something I had to continue to deal with for the rest of my life. For years, I have suffered from restless nights, been told that I snore, and thought I was just a “light sleeper.” This office changed my life! They facilitated a at home sleep study, which was SO easy and my medical insurance helped with. Once I realized I had sleep apnea, they made me my night time appliance. I can’t believe how comfortable it is! I was reluctant to sleep with anything in my mouth, and now I can’t imagine sleeping without it. The Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep truly made me realize what a healthy night sleep feels like and I am so grateful for their expertise and that I found them. Thank you!

Michelle Acciavatti

I have been working with Dr. Haddad for over ten years. I received one of the first sleep appliances and it had a tremendous impact – I was definitely getting better sleep, my husband wasn’t bothered by my snoring and I felt great during the day. In the last year, I received the latest version of the sleep appliance and it is amazing! It is even more comfortable than the original one and works even better! Dr. Haddad’s office made the process easy working with my insurance and appointments! It’s a life changer!