If you’re researching sleep apnea and exploring sleep apnea treatment options in Detroit, Michigan, and surrounding areas, you are likely well aware of how much the sleeping disorder known as “sleep apnea” affects your sleep and your life. Lost sleep and poor quality sleep can wreak havoc on your nightly and daily life in a variety of ways. While there are three types of sleep apnea, the most common type—the one that prompts people to seek medical help after so much suffering—is OSA, obstructive sleep apnea.

Not only will mood and productivity be affected by a bad night’s sleep, but over the course of many weeks, months, and years, sleep deprivation and poor sleep will take both a mental and physical toll on your body. You may develop heart disease, suffer a stroke, or have memory/cognition problems. If you want to put an end to your bad sleep, you need medical professionals who have devoted their lives and their careers to recognizing sleep apnea and treating sleep apnea in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Sleep apnea treatment in Detroit may come in the form of one tool, or a combination of treatment modalities may work best for you.

young adult woman waking up refreshedThe Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness has an arsenal of tools and treatment options for sleep apnea that work. Our sleep apnea treatment plans change lives by giving our patients the sleep they so desperately need to get their lives and their health back. If you’re ready to fight and win the battle against sleep apnea in Detroit with a treatment plan that’s manageable and effective, please contact The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness today.

Sleep Apnea Dentist in Detroit

Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad, an LVI Fellow and highly skilled neuromuscular dentist with many years of experience in the treatment of TMJ, sleep apnea, and snoring, has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education training to stay abreast of the most innovative treatments for sleep apnea using the most advanced neuromuscular dental technology available today.

After the Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

One of the most important aspects of dental sleep medicine in Detroit is to get an accurate diagnosis. We don’t want to guess about your sleep apnea; we want you to have a thorough evaluation in the form of a sleep study, so we can best design a treatment plan with your specific needs and goals in mind. Once you’ve got that diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, the real work can begin.

We find that many of our patients, at first, try home remedies and lifestyle changes to beat their sleep apnea. Some of our patients are successful in their sleep apnea home treatments, while others simply could not get the sound, uninterrupted sleep they need to be productive members of society. Some of the most common at-home sleep apnea treatments include:

  • Elimination of alcohol and cigarettes
  • Weight loss
  • Positional changes while sleeping
  • Mattress changes
  • Pillow changes
  • Identifying and removing allergens from the home that may be affecting the quality of sleep
  • Exercising more to ensure a sound sleep
  • Over-the-counter oral appliances often referred to as “mouth guards”

CPAP Isn’t The Only Sleep Apnea Treatment

Many of the patients who come to The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness have also tried CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), which involves a machine and mask to keep the airway from collapsing during sleep. CPAP was formerly the gold standard when it came to treating sleep apnea in Detroit and surrounding areas, but with increased knowledge and advances in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea, other options for treating sleep apnea must be explored. That’s where The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness comes in.

Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) has proven to be hugely successful in many dental sleep medicine patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. OAT is an easy, comfortable way to correct sleep apnea without the bulkiness of CPAP or the invasiveness of surgery. There’s no recovery time needed with OAT, and you can take your oral appliance anywhere you travel.

Sleep Apnea/TMJ Connection

As you read about sleep apnea, you will come to understand its connection to TMJ/TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder). When using oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea in Detroit, it’s important to understand how an oral appliance may affect the movement of the jaw while patients sleep. There is a very close relationship between the jaw and the airway. At The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness, Dr. Haddad and his talented team take great care to treat patients as though they already had TMJ; oral appliances are created that ensure a comfortable jaw position that doesn’t cause TMJ and may even treat TMJ at the same time the sleep apnea is treated.

Treatment Will Improve Quality of Life

With so many treatment options available in Detroit and surrounding areas of Michigan, you may be wondering where to begin. You’re in a great place to begin your journey to great sleep. You have found a sleep apnea dentist in Detroit who has experience with all types of sleep apnea treatment, so the right plan can be created for you.

Dr. Haddad is an experienced sleep apnea dentist who’s also very knowledgeable about sleep apnea’s close cousin, TMJ. Since the two go hand-in-hand in many of our patients’ lives, we understand how best to treat these serious conditions that can wreak havoc on people’s lives and health.

Please contact The Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness (248) 480-0085 or fill out our online contact form, so one of our amazing dental team members can reach out to answer questions or schedule a new patient appointment. Please don’t wait another day to get treatment for sleep apnea and get the good night’s sleep you need and deserve.