Payment and Financing Options Detroit

At the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness, we prefer to deal directly with you, not your insurance company, so we don’t accept any insurance. However, we also understand that not everyone has the budget for treatment at the time when they need treatment. That’s why we offer a number of payment options.


CareCredit is a dedicated line of credit focused on your healthcare. It allows you to decide how you want to pay off your treatment expenses. You can take advantage of no-interest payment plans if you are charging as little as $200. For larger amounts, you may have up to 24 months interest free to pay the balance.

If you prefer to have a predictable payment every month, though, you can finance your treatment with a regular monthly payment. Payment plans can last up to 60 months.

Applications are easy and quick—we can help you fill them out in our office or you can do them yourself at home in just a few minutes.

We offer a variety of payment options

Flex Spending and Health Savings Accounts

Another great way to pay for your treatment is with a flex spending account or a health savings account. These allow you to put aside a significant amount of money pretax so you can pay for

snoring, sleep apnea, and TMJ treatment.

If you are considering using a flex spending account for your treatment and need a good estimate to make sure you set enough aside, please let us know. We can give you a good estimate of your costs after an evaluation of your condition is made and we decide on a treatment plan.

Why We Don’t Accept Insurance

It might seem like it’s inconvenient for us to not accept insurance, but it is actually very freeing for you. Neuromuscular dentistry and sleep dentistry are both areas that insurance companies don’t yet know how to cover. Sometimes they fall under dental coverage and sometimes under medical coverage, and sometimes different parts fall under both.

Coverage has also not caught up with treatment options, so it creates a false sense that some treatment options may be a better “value” for reasons other than their treatment efficacy. This can prejudice your decision-making. You might choose the procedure your insurance covers over the one it doesn’t, even if the not covered procedure might be better for you. We are always focused on getting the best results for our patients and removing insurance from the picture helps with that.

We hope that in the future insurance companies will catch up with the latest treatments, and there is some hope. It’s only recently that insurance companies have started covering some oral appliances for sleep apnea. We hope that in the future they will broaden their perspective and cover all good treatments.

If you have questions about our policies or payment options, please call (248) 825-8277 or email the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness today.