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Sleep Apnea and Snoring Risk Might Be Greater for Women

We tend to think of snoring and sleep apnea as men’s problems. It’s the stereotype that the man snores, disturbing his wife. However, this stereotype could be badly misleading, so badly that it puts women’s lives at risk. A new study shows that heart-related risks of sleep apnea might [...]

Fixing Jaw Problem Gave Jessica Korda the Winning Edge in LPGA

What is it that makes the difference in a winning golf game? Is it the long drives that put you on the green a stroke earlier? Or is it the putts that put you in the hole more accurately? For 8-season veteran of the LPGA Jessica Korda, it was the putts that seemed to make [...]

Mothers’ Sleep Apnea Impacts Children’s Reading Ability

Women are at a high risk for sleep apnea during pregnancy. Weight gain and hormonal changes can lead to sleep apnea, which in turn can contribute to many related risks that put the health of the mother and child in danger. But what we didn’t know is how long the impact of [...]

Sleep Disordered Breathing Also Impacts Young Women

The people who are most at risk for serious sleep disordered breathing are older men, typically overweight. But it’s important to realize that you could be affected by the condition if you’re none of those things. As one writer told Elle Magazine, there’s a kind of sleep disordered breathing that’s been nicknamed “the young, thin, [...]

Defining “Gestational Sleep Apnea” Could Avoid Complications

We most often think of sleep apnea as something men develop. While it’s generally true that most sleep apnea sufferers are men, there are some times when women are at an increased risk for sleep apnea. That includes after menopause and during pregnancy. During pregnancy in particular, women are not only at increased [...]

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