TMJ Causes

Is TMJ a “Minor Injury”?

A new report shows that the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is going to be reclassifying TMJ, whiplash, and some concussions as “minor” injuries. This doesn’t really affect us here in Michigan, where insurance coverage for these types of injuries is already spotty to nonexistent. However, it does raise the question about [...]

Try Stress Management to Control TMJ

For many people, TMJ is a transitory condition, one that doesn’t require professional treatment. For these people, TMJ is often related to stress. In these cases, managing stress can help get TMJ under control. Here are some basic stress management techniques that may be able to help you if you think stress is causing or [...]

Fibromyalgia Doesn’t Signal Higher Sensitization in TMJ

One of the challenges in managing TMJ is that it often comes with comorbid chronic pain conditions--like fibromyalgia--that magnify and diversify the symptoms related to TMJ. This can increase the suffering of people with TMJ, and make it harder to get improvements in quality of life with TMJ treatment. With a better understanding [...]

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Dopamine Levels Could Help Diagnose TMJ

People with TMJ face many problems getting a proper diagnosis for their condition. Sometimes, their TMJ may be misdiagnosed as headaches. Other times, they may even be accused of making it up, or told that their problem is psychological. But innovations in tracking the chemical pathways involved in TMJ may help [...]

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Sleep Quality Deteriorates Before TMJ Starts

We know that sleep disordered breathing like snoring and sleep apnea are strongly associated with TMJ. That’s because the jaw supports the airway, and when the jaw is in an unhealthy position, the airway becomes constricted or may even close. Now a new study confirms the close relationship between TMJ and [...]