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The Messages You Give Your Spouse by Not Treating Snoring

One of the major problems with snoring is that it is a problem not just for the snorer, but for everyone who sleeps around them. If you are a snorer, you’ve probably experienced your {{{{link id='50385' text='spouse’s complaints'}}}} about the loud, disturbing noises you make all night. But maybe you haven’t acted on those [...]

Mouth Taping Is Not a Good Approach to Snoring Treatment

It sounds like an amazing-but-true home cure for snoring: mouth taping. Frankly, what {{{{link id='51002' text='person whose partner snores'}}}} hasn’t considered just taping their mouth shut to keep them quiet? So when Indonesia singer Andien started reporting that this might work, you can bet there are plenty of people who want to [...]

Do You Snore on the Plane? It’s Easy to Sleep Silent When You Fly

If you look back at what flying was like in the past, it seems like an excess of luxury. There is so much room, so many amenities, and everyone seems to be so happy. Today, flying is a lot more of a nuisance. Not only are you more crowded in, you get fewer perks [...]

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