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New Study Links Snoring to Chronic Diseases

We know that sleep disordered breathing is bad for your health. But it’s often represented as if it’s only a problem if it rises to the level of sleep apnea. But now a new study makes it clear: {{{{link id='50322' text='snoring ' esc_html='false'}}}}itself is associated with serious chronic diseases. This reminds us that snoring [...]

By |December 14th, 2017|Snoring|

Trying Pillows to Control Snoring

Now that people are aware of the potential dangers of snoring, there has been a booming market for the production of anti-snoring devices. These come in all shapes and sizes, from apps to beds. And there are, of course, pillows designed to help you control your {{{{link id='50322' text='snoring'}}}}. Although there are some reasons [...]

Why a Snorer Is Ignoring Your Complaints

Snoring can be very damaging to a relationship. Couples that used to be very close and loving can be fractured and begin fighting. These fights can escalate and become bitter, even violent. Much of the fighting stems from the fact that the snorer isn’t responding to complaints by their partner and isn’t doing anything [...]