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Michigan Basketball Player Boosts His Game by Treating Sleep Apnea

As a U of M alum, Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad still follows the teams of his alma mater. And while he is more apt to cheer for the Wolverines on the gridiron, he does love to watch some basketball, as well, especially around tourney time. And while Michigan probably isn’t going to make it [...]

Confusion Reigns after Sleep Apnea Rules Withdrawn by DOT

In July 2017, the Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that two of its agencies would no longer be seeking to make rules regarding sleep apnea screening and treatment for drivers. Although the announcement cited “not enough information available”as the reason why the rules were withdrawn, it is commonly accepted that this is an antiregulatory action [...]

What Is the Carbon Footprint of Your Sleep Apnea Treatment?

When it comes to sleep apnea treatment , you have your choice of treatment options. When considering your choices, remember that sleep apnea treatment is likely something you will be doing every night for the rest of your life. Hopefully, you’ll be living a long, healthy life thanks to the effectiveness of your sleep apnea treatment, [...]

Women with Sleep Apnea Have Elevated Cancer Risk

Sleep apnea can have many serious health consequences. Many of these are well-established, such as an increased risk of heart disease. However, the link between sleep apnea and cancer remains less well-proven. While some studies show that sleep apnea can trigger underlying mechanisms for cancer growth , can increase breast cancer risk , and reduce survival odds from breast cancer , [...]

Mouth Taping Is Not a Good Approach to Snoring Treatment

It sounds like an amazing-but-true home cure for snoring : mouth taping. Frankly, what person whose partner snores hasn’t considered just taping their mouth shut to keep them quiet? So when Indonesia singer Andien started reporting that this might work, you can bet there are plenty of people who want to try it.But don’t be so quick to jump [...]