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Could Low Vitamin D Be Responsible for Your Chronic Headaches?

Chronic headache is a common problem that can have major consequences for productivity and quality of life. Unfortunately, it’s hard sometimes to track down the cause of chronic headaches. New research suggests a potentially easy fix for your chronic headaches : vitamin D. Low Vitamin D Is Common Vitamin D levels [...]

A Low-Carb Diet Might Be the Cure for Your Headache

Migraines are influenced by many factors, including diet. Most of the attention on diet and migraines has focused on the acute link between certain triggers and migraine attacks. But new research indicates your daily diet can contribute to your overall risk of migraines. At least, that’s the results of several studies showing that switching to a [...]

Neurologist Says Empathy Is the Key to Successful Headache Treatment

Writing in the journal Neurological Sciences, Dr. Gennaro Bussone, a neurologist with more than 20 years’ experience, talked about the challenges facing doctors whose work is treating headaches. He says that many of these challenges have not been addressed by modern medical science, putting the burden on the treating doctor. In particular, the doctor must depend [...]

How to Tell If MSG Really Causes Your Headaches

Many people are bothered by chronic headaches. One problem with headaches is that they can have so many causes, it can be hard to track down what’s really responsible. One common culprit that people blame is MSG ( monosodium glutamate), which many people associate with Chinese restaurant food. In fact, a sensitivity to MSG used to [...]

You Don’t Know What It’s Like: Migraine Survey Shows True Burden

How much does a migraine impact your life? If you don’t have migraines, you probably have no idea. And that’s partly because migraineurs have been hiding it from you. That’s according to a recent survey by pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly, who is trying to promote greater awareness of the condition ahead of [...]

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