How to Tell If MSG Really Causes Your Headaches

Many people are bothered by chronic headaches. One problem with headaches is that they can have so many causes, it can be hard to track down what’s really responsible. One common culprit that people blame is MSG (monosodium glutamate), which many people associate with Chinese restaurant food. In fact, a sensitivity to [...]

Tinnitus Risk Depends on the Type of TMJ

Tinnitus is common among TMJ patients. How common? Some estimates say that perhaps 80% of people with TMj develop tinnitus or some other form of ear-related complications such as vertigo, ear pain, or ear fullness. However, studies don’t agree on this high rate of tinnitus risk. And now a new study shows [...]

Use SNOOP to Figure Out if Your Headache Requires Emergency Care

Of all symptoms, headaches are among the hardest to deal with. Because they’re very common, people have a tendency to dismiss them. Dismissing headaches too often can mean missing a dangerous, even deadly condition. But if you take every headache too seriously, you can end up spending most days in the hospital. [...]

Is TMJ Causing Your Post-Traumatic Headaches?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is not as uncommon as you might think. There are many circumstances under which you might sustain a TBI that you might not imagine. Partly, it’s the name: it sounds so serious, whereas you think that what you experienced was so minor. But the truth is that you can sustain a [...]

Could Low Vitamin D Be Responsible for Your Chronic Headaches?

Chronic headache is a common problem that can have major consequences for productivity and quality of life. Unfortunately, it’s hard sometimes to track down the cause of chronic headaches. New research suggests a potentially easy fix for your chronic headaches: vitamin D. Low Vitamin D Is Common Vitamin D levels should be easy [...]

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