Higher Risk of Vision Loss Linked to Sleep Apnea in New Study

Sleep apnea impacts all the systems in our body. This includes our eyes. In fact, sleep apnea can have a dramatic impact on our eyes, leading to sudden vision loss in one or both eyes. That’s because sleep apnea has been linked to an elevated risk of nonarteritic anterior [...]

New Study Links Snoring to Chronic Diseases

We know that sleep disordered breathing is bad for your health. But it’s often represented as if it’s only a problem if it rises to the level of sleep apnea. But now a new study makes it clear: snoring itself is associated with serious chronic diseases. This reminds us that snoring should [...]

Diabetes-Related Vision Loss More Likely with Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea and diabetes are closely linked. Sleep apnea can significantly increase the risk of diabetes, and diabetes can enhance some of the serious risks related to sleep apnea. And both conditions can have a sweeping impact on your overall health as well as the health and function of individual systems. One [...]

Sleep Apnea Increases Health Impact of Fat Tissue

Obesity is one of the primary triggers of sleep apnea. The more fat tissue one has, especially in the tongue and neck, the more likely it is that the airway will collapse at night. Unfortunately, this overlap between sleep apnea and obesity obscures the health effects of each condition. Many of the [link [...]

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Does Sleep Apnea Treatment Help with Diabetes?

This month, two studies about the impact sleep apnea treatment had on diabetes were published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. One study showed that treatment helped people control their diabetes. The other said it didn’t help diabetes or quality of life at all, though it did [...]