As one of the leading sleep dentistry practices in Michigan, sleep physicians often recommend their patients to us. Here’s why we are one of the most sought-after sleep dentists by sleep physicians.
Young medical professional sits at her laptop with her fingers placing pressure on her nose.

We Are Great Team Players

Since its founding, the Michigan TMJ & Sleep Wellness Center has built its reputation on being a team player. We have always sought to work closely with other health professionals, because we knew that was what was best for our patients.

If a certain case requires us to take the lead in drafting and implementing a treatment plan, we can do that, but we are also prepared to follow the lead of a treating doctor. We know how to integrate our treatment with other treatments. We can also offer constructive insight without trying to undermine a doctor or “take over” their patient. We know we are all in this together and we all win when our patient gets the results they’re looking for.

We Refer Patients to Partners

Sometimes, we have patients who just won’t benefit from the therapeutic options we offer. Perhaps they have central or complex sleep apnea, or perhaps their airway won’t respond to oral appliance therapy. In these cases, we refer patients to sleep physicians who we’ve worked with before.

Sleep apnea is a complex condition, and it impacts many aspects of our patients’ health. As a result, those patients will need the care of multiple doctors to completely resolve their apnea-related issues. When our patients need care for these complications of sleep apnea, we refer them to our partners.
This reciprocal referral partnership helps us establish and maintain close working relationships with the doctors in our area.

We Treat Related Conditions

Often, sleep physicians send us their patients who have jaw dysfunction, such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ/TMD). There is a significant overlap between sleep apnea and TMD. About half of sleep apnea sufferers have TMD, and an even higher percentage of people with TMD have sleep disordered breathing, including sleep apnea.

Patients might benefit from CPAP for their sleep apnea, but also need an oral appliance for TMD or other related conditions. Sleep physicians refer patients to us for treatment of their jaw dysfunction.
We also offer oral appliances for simple snoring. If a patient has snoring but no sleep apnea, a sleep physician might refer them to us for snoring treatment.

Would Your Patient Benefit from a Sleep Dentist?

If you are a sleep physician with a patient you think might benefit from the help of a sleep dentist, we would be honored to see them.

To talk to us about the case, please call (248) 480-0085 today to speak to Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad at the Michigan Center for TMJ & Sleep Wellness.