How much does a migraine impact your life? If you don’t have migraines, you probably have no idea. And that’s partly because migraineurs have been hiding it from you.

That’s according to a recent survey by pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly, who is trying to promote greater awareness of the condition ahead of the release of their new migraine drug. But you may not have to wait for the new drug release to get relief from your migraines.

You Don’t Understand

mature woman massaging her forehead due to migraineThe survey looked at a diverse group of people in the community. It included over 1000 people, about 500 who had migraines, 200 who knew someone with migraines, and 300 who didn’t have any personal experience with migraines. This survey showed that people who didn’t have migraines didn’t understand them–and that migraineurs know it. Close to all respondents with migraine (91%) said that people without migraines didn’t understand how much or how long it hurt, and they’re right.

The survey showed that people who didn’t have migraines rated the pain of a migraine a point lower on a 10-point scale than people who actually experienced migraines (6.2 vs 7.1 on average). They also underestimated the length of migraine attacks by half (10.3 hours estimate vs. 20.7 hours reported by migraine sufferers).

To some extent, this is the product of migraineurs who feel like they have to downplay their migraines. Most migraine sufferers (62%) reported that they tried to hide the impact of their migraines from people at school or work. Possibly because they were afraid for their jobs.

Life Can Be Limited with Migraine

The survey also shows the serious impact that migraine can have on a person’s life. People with migraine say they’ve had to miss an average of 7.4 important family events a year because of migraine, and 70% of them admit they’ve avoided making plans because they know migraine could torpedo those plans. Children can be even more of a challenge for people with migraine. Nearly three-quarters of migraineurs (72%) say their migraines impact their ability to care for their family, and even more of those with young children (77%) say it keeps them from interacting with their child as much as they want.

But it’s not just your personal life that’s impacted. More than two-thirds (68%) of migraine sufferers said their headaches had made them less productive at work. The impacts of this were clear, with 55% saying that it affected their career goals, and 32% said they had even turned down opportunities at work–such as a promotion–because of their migraine.

Finding the Right Migraine Treatment

With the wide-ranging impact of migraines, it’s important to find a good migraine treatment. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than done. Most migraine sufferers have tried many different treatments, but they’re still unhappy with their current treatment. That’s why these new migraine drugs are so eagerly anticipated.

But you don’t have to wait for these drugs to get relief. There are many successful treatment options available today. Many people with migraines find that TMJ is a major trigger. Treating TMJ can significantly reduce migraine intensity and duration.

If you would like to learn whether TMJ treatment can help your migraines in the Detroit area, please call (248) 480-0085 today for an appointment with a TMJ dentist at the Michigan Center of TMJ & Sleep Wellness.