Because sleep apnea can be so dangerous, it’s important to make sure that you get the treatment that’s effective for you. Fortunately, there are many sleep apnea treatment options, so we can work to match you with the one that’s best for you.

Although many people are prescribed CPAP for their sleep apnea, it’s not good for everyone. To determine if CPAP is right for you, it’s important to take many factors into account. CPAP may be a poor choice for your sleep apnea treatment.

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Consider These Factors When Choosing CPAP

Is CPAP right for you? If you’re trying to decide whether or not CPAP is right for treating your sleep apnea, there are also a number of different components to consider before choosing CPAP as a treatment.


One of the top complaints of CPAP users is how uncomfortable it is to wear while they sleep. Using CPAP requires you to wear a mask over your face that has straps that go around your head. The mask is then connected to a hose that’s connected to a machine. Some people have no problem sleeping with CPAP but for light sleepers who already find it difficult to get comfortable and fall asleep, CPAP will lead to many sleepless nights.


If you’re the type of person who enjoys going off the grid or traveling often, CPAP is not a convenient option for you. CPAP is the ideal treatment for people who sleep in the same bed all night every night. You can’t use CPAP if you want to go camping without electricity. It’s also a huge pain to travel with because it’s large. Be prepared to pay for an extra bag when you fly anywhere. If you travel outside the country, you will also have to make sure you can plug it into other outlets with an outlet converter.

Ease of Use

It’s not difficult to use CPAP, but it is difficult to keep the mask and hoses clean. Since you’re breathing into the mask every night, you will want to regularly clean the mask and the hoses to ensure no bacteria gets trapped. Otherwise, you might be breathing in bacteria and end up with a pneumonia infection.


When used correctly, CPAP is highly effective. However, if you find it uncomfortable and only use it sparingly, you will still suffer from sleep apnea symptoms regularly.

Long-Term Compliance Rate

Due to the discomfort and inconvenience that comes with CPAP, the long-term compliance rate isn’t high. This means that patients will begin using it and then slowly stop. Without regular sleep apnea treatment in your life every night, your condition will continue to go untreated. Symptoms won’t improve and health complication risks won’t go down.

CPAP Alternative: Oral Appliances

If CPAP doesn’t sound like the right treatment for you, that’s okay. We offer a CPAP alternative: oral appliances. Oral appliances may be the best option for you. Since they are easier to comply with, have fewer side effects and are less intrusive, the barrier for acceptance is lower.

Plus, when people are prescribed CPAP and they’re unhappy either with their doctor or with the person who made them come in for treatment, getting an oral appliance can be a crucial bit of freedom that helps people feel more in control of their treatment and therefore more likely to comply.

If you or someone you love is struggling with CPAP and you’re looking for a more compatible sleep apnea treatment in Detroit, we can help. Please call (248) 480-0085 today for an appointment with sleep dentist Dr. Jeffrey S. Haddad at the Michigan Center for TMJ and Sleep Wellness in Rochester Hills.